Create Your Bathing Experience

In addition to the Classic soaker, Trajet offers five versatile comfort systems tailor-made to create your ideal mode of relaxation. Simply select the system and configuration that will be your definition of tranquility.


  • Hi-Gloss Lucite acrylic finish
    • Highly durable, long-lasting finish
    • Resists stains, cracking and chipping
  • Two full layers of hand-rolled fiberglass
    • Provides superior adhesion, strength and durability
  • Heavy duty pre-leveled wood base
  • Glassed-in Corner Bracing for added strength
  • ConstanTemp Foam Insulation
    • Maintains water temperature
      • Temperature drops only 1-2 degrees per hour

Trajet® Systems

Click the system and feature names below that best fit your needs to view details

(Soaker) Soaking in a soothing tub of still water has long been the Classic solution to pamper yourself after a long day.

(Whirlpool) Adding jets to the water heightens the sensations. Jets massage you at the lumbar, hip, ankle and feet.

(Whirlpool) The power of the Prodigy with even more luxury. Midway to Indulgence.

(Air Bath) Slip into tranquility, let the variable stream of bubbles surround you and caress away the stress.

Add the soothing features of TranquilAir to any whirlpool system in most Trajet models.