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Exclusive features, standard on every Trajet tub

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  1. Hi-Gloss acrylic finish. Rich colors stay like new with a durable, highly reflective, long-lasting finish. Easy care, resists stains, cracking and chipping
  2. Two fill layers of hand-rolled fiberglass provide superior adhesion, strength, and durability to assure a lifetime of enjoyment.
  3. Heavy-Duty glassed-on base. Top quality water-resistant base material is "wet-glassed" to the bottom of the tub for superior strength and durability.
  4. Glassed-in bracing. Trajet's innovative glassed-in bracing and bracket system provides additional structural integrity and superior rigidity.
  5. Heavy-Duty PVC supply lines maintain a high water velocity and constant flow volume. Supply lines are fully encased in Trajet's Constatemp° Foam Insulation to maintain factory engineered position and prevent low pockets to eliminate water collection and stagnation.
  6. Constatemp° foam insulation maintains water temperature, reduces noise and protects plumbing from vibration, sagging and assures proper drainage. Tested at normal room temperature, heat loss is reduced to less than two degrees over a two-hour period. This exclusive Trajet technology reduces tub vibration and sound to assure a quiet, satisfying, relaxing whirlpool experience.
  7. Easy installation. Trajet's unique foam insulation and fastening system anchors supply lines solidly in place to prevent damage and misalignment during installation.
  8. Fire Retardant. Trajet tubs and shower systems meet or exceed all national consumer fire protection codes.

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