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Let The Following Collection Of Articles and Links Help You Design Your New Dream Bath!


The following collection of articles and links were chosen to help you learn more about bath design, the newest ideas and options... as well as full color photos (see our Idea Gallery) that are sure to spark your imagination! As a leader in the competitive whirlpool tub industry, Trajet offers many distinctive options unique ONLY to Trajet! Our design engineers are constantly thinking "out-of-the-box" to be able to offer you this cutting-edge technology!

Immerse yourself in decadence!
Today's bathrooms should be designed and used as your own personal escape, where the therapeutic benefits of water revolve around you! This is the only room in your house where you can lock the door and shut yourself off from the stresses of everyday life and experience well-being to its fullest!

We hope this collection of inspiring bath design articles and links will help you in your quest to design and build your special room!


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